This body of work was born on the streets of London while working as an Uber cab Driver. The street is a wonderful source for self-reflection, whether you are a pedestrian or a driver. You get in touch with your inner voice, which becomes louder in solitude and routine, especially in such a job: cab driver. After a while all the roads begin to look the same and you might get deprived of fascination and left alone with yourself. There are times when you step outside your comfort zone. You get stuck in your own traffic jam of disturbing thoughts, or worse, in a limbo, as in a dead-end road, so you are forced to learn the practice of detaching yourself from them and follow your thoughts through the eyes of an observer. I started documenting these moods using my camera, this is reflected by the scenes and places I came across although they are limited by the windscreen, door frame, and the windows of the car. They are just statements that the photographer is a driver. The concept behind each image is open to complexity and ambiguity so that every time you look at that picture, you think differently. I find this powerful, and that is where I get my fascination from.